This is me captured midway through construction of a new Oak frame garage building. Looking a bit grubby, but I prefer this to having my picture taken without working.


This is me captured by one of our customers, not my greatest pose however, but I never was photogenic. This is mid-way through a large pond construction project in Linton. This was me just beginning to fill up the pond and allow the liner to loose its wrinkles. This meant me taking off shoes and socks and getting into waders, hence the lack of The Secret Garden uniform. The secret garden is a family based company, established for many years. All the work is done by myself and staff, from start to finish, to allow the personal touch required by our customers.


IMG_0650 2

This is Jason, our Foreman. If I am not about he is in charge, your in good hands.


IMG_0604 2

This is Morgan he helps to keep us oldies going.



This is Corran our apprentice.


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