Decking is an acquired taste for some people. Certain reasons for this are slippy timber and regular maintenance. We at The Secret Garden, however do not agree. We can supply and construct all types of decking surfaces and hand rail systems to suite your every need. We can then explain how to maintain decking so that it provides you with pleasurable use throughout the seasons.

Our options of decking are Soft and Hard woods, Plastic decking equivalents, and manufactured fibre decking products.

All of this come with step options, hand rail systems and lighting options, to illuminate your decking. Wether it is a main patio area constructed from decking or a small addition to your garden project, The Secret Garden can construct it.

There are so many options of decking that can now be supplied, which enable almost every eventuality to be corrected. You can choose from non-slip decking, Japanese style decking timbers to Hard wood timber planking boards.

Hand rail options also vary. Choices include standard decking balustrade to boat rope options and glass panels.

All our decking is constructed on tantalised timber framework and screwed into concreted posts into the ground. We also cover all the joist timbers with a semi-permeable membrane, which allows water to penetrate through but no organic growth to come between the decking joints.

We are also able to revitalise old decking or clean existing decking that needs some attention. If any of these services are what you require, then please feel free to contact us about your decking project.